Saint Benignus

St. Benignus of Armagh (d. 467 A.D.) was the son of a pagan Irish chieftain in what is now County Meath in Ireland. He was baptized by St. Patrick and became his loyal follower in the saint's ministry across Ireland. In 450 A.D. Benignus became coadjutor with St. Patrick in the Diocese of Armagh, and also became the first rector of the Catholic school there. St. Benignus was a talented singer and worked to form choral groups wherever they traveled for their missionary work; for this he was called "Patrick's Psalmist." He also assisted with the compilation of the Senchus Mor, the Irish Code of Law, and sat on a number of commissions, councils, and synods that helped further establish the Catholic faith across Ireland. His feast day is November 9th.
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