Saint Guy of Anderlecht

St. Guy (950–1012), also known as the "Poor Man of Anderlecht," was born to pious parents of humble means in the country village of Anderlecht near Brussels. Having no money for school, from his childhood he served the poor and fostered a great devotion to the Church while praying for the grace to love and accept his poverty. He was regarded as a young saint by those who knew him. One day a priest, who noticed his great reverence while praying in church, invited him to serve it for a small sum by sweeping the floors and keeping the altar and sacred vessels clean. During the day St. Guy would help the poor, and at night he would work and pray in the church; these were his two great loves. He served in this way joyfully and faithfully. One day a shipping merchant from Brussels, prompted by a devil who wanted to take St. Guy away from his holy work as a sacristan, presented him with a lucrative opportunity to invest his small savings into a business venture. Guy, not recognizing the temptation, accepted the job offer under the pretense of making more money to give to the poor, and he left his position as sacristan. When his first cargo ship sunk as it left the harbor, Guy realized his error and the deception he had succumbed to in giving up his happy and humble work serving Christ. He went back to the church and found that the sacristan position had been replaced. Left without a job and no money, Guy was so filled with remorse over his foolish decision that he went on a penitential pilgrimage. He visited Rome, the Holy Land, and other shrines over a period of seven years. He returned to Anderlecht in 1012 and died in the same year. Miracles were reported at his grave, after which a church was built in his honor. His feast day is September 12th.
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